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Canada Celebrating Canada

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Special Readings & Programs About Our Canada, Our West & Our Alberta

Programs can be adapted for children, youth or adults of all ages. Generally, they are one hour long. In each, expect PowerPoint photo images, concepts, stories & discussion. Schedule one presentation or a series. Honorarium or fees apply. Contact: Faye Reineberg Holt, Calgary

BuffaloOur Canada, Our Land
See nature’s role in our history and nation. From the Maritimes to BC, from north to south, Canada’s landscape-including its geography, plants, animals, birds, fish and reptiles-has enriched the lives of her people. Travel back in time. Explore the efforts of our government, ordinary people and visionaries to ensure nature and our landscape-past and present-would be available for us to enjoy today and in the future. As a beginning, think national and provincial parks. Think heritage sites and museums. Hear about them, talk about them and envision what we want for the future.



TrainRails Across Canada: Yesterday and Today
Railways helped create a nation stretching from sea to sea. Political & financial intrigue, strong politicians & astute businessmen all played roles in building both railways and the country to be named Canada.

For everyone, from pathfinders to labourers, the job of establishing railways such as the CPR proved to be a monumental task. The many companies employed thousands. Rails carried settlers, professional & business people across open spaces. Disassembled farm buildings and Eaton’s homes were shipped. Also, rails provided the transportation network needed by agriculture, forestry & other industries. Circuses and soldiers rattled over rails. In fact, celebrating railway heritage is celebrating our nation.

PoinsettaCanada: Our History, Symbols & Stories
Our nation has a very special history. Our First Nations were joined by newcomers from all over the world. We have been a wilderness populated by a few but with a rich natural and cultural heritage. Once we were a colony coveted by other nations.

Today, Canada has its own flag, symbols and identity. Provinces have representative flags and symbols, too. So, what are the behind the scene stories? How do the symbols and representations reveal the “soul” of the nation or each province? By focusing on western Canada within the larger nation, we see how we are united but uniqueness.

Times have Changed: Western Men, Women and the Famous Five

Women’s roles and rights across Canada were dramatically impacted by Alberta’s Famous Five women. That meant changes for men, too. From gaining the vote to serving in government, these and other women helped create a new Canada and a new West. Two of the Famous Five, Emily Murphy and Nellie McClung, were writers in their own right. Along with Henrietta Muir Edwards, Louise McKinney and Irene Parlby, they inspired their contemporaries and will inspire today’s Canadians with their work in writing, art, social welfare and government contributions. Having researched and written about all five and many other western Canadian women, Faye shares their stories and how they impacted our lives.

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