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Events Programs — Adult Readings and Speaker Events

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These programs can be held at your local library, community center or another location. They include visuals, reading and time for talk. Fees are dependent on audience size and time commitment. Check Canada Council and AFA for help with funding. Generally, presentations are planned for 1 hour but expanded programs may be requested on each topic. Also, topics and readings can be adapted for conference groups.

Canada’s Rocky Mountains: A History in Photographs: Explore our Rocky Mountain past. First Nations and settlers, adventurers and sports enthusiasts, art lovers and tourists have long been drawn to the Rockies. Discover that dramatic past through old photos and stories of animals, people and places. And do expect to be challenged and inspired by the glimpses of our mountain history.

Alberta: A History in Photographs: Discover or rediscover our landscape and true stories. That past is the stuff of Shakespearean tragedies and comedies. Everyday people faced enormous obstacles, whether related to the natural environment, community needs or individual priorities. The famous, infamous and ordinary individuals all played their parts. So marvel at the drama, ingenuity and perseverance!

Out of the Flames: Fires and Fire Fighting on the Canadian Prairies: Fire is a frightening enemy for prairie dwellers. With so little precipitation on the southern prairies, for centuries, wildfires have threatened people and devastated the landscape. This presentation will include stories about men, women and children faced with such fires.

Sharing the Good Times: Joys & Pleasures of Prairie Women: In the old days of endless physical labour, large families and far-off neighbours, were there any happy prairie women? Discover what made the worst of times and the best of times for our female predecessors in western Canada. Some did become famous. Some were virtually unknown and most were just like women today.

Prairie Twins: Alberta & Saskatchewan 1905-2005: No two provinces could be more alike and more different. Except for the far west in Alberta and the far northeast in Saskatchewan, the twin provinces share geography, First Nations, and settlement patterns. But somehow, they developed their own personalities. This presentation offers the images and ideas that reflect their similarities and differences.

Threshing & Monarchs of the Fields: A Harvest Special: The history of harvest on the prairies involves dramatically changing technologies. In fact, those ever-more powerful machines led to changes in rural society. Threshing was a labour intensive, co-operative endeavour. So, how did the advent of combines change communities and our history? Expect to be fascinated by the relationship between farm people and their machines.

Awed, Amused & Alarmed: Fairs, Rodeos & Regattas of Western Canada: Summer in western Canada has always meant stampedes and rodeos in small and large communities alike. Competition was diverse and intense at events, but fun took many forms, too. From the parade to the fireworks, from the fast food to the Ferris wheel, days were filled with festivities. So, walk the midway and take in the history of pop culture in the West.

Homemade Fun: Remember when glue and toys were homemade, and everyone from five to fifteen joined in the games. Whether the activities were staged outdoors or indoors, computer know-how was not a prerequisite. Games, crafts and entertainments have changed, but children of yesterday were masters at creating their own fun. So, enjoy the trip down memory lane and re-discover wonderful pastimes to hand down to the children of today.



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