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transparent gifdownload print copy - Manuscript Guidelines

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transparent gifAll writers need help. Faye offers critiques for:
transparent gif• memoirs, autobiography, biography
transparent gif• Canadian history (not academic papers)
transparent gif• other nonfiction (articles or books)
transparent gif• writing with historic themes for children
transparent gif• historical fiction
transparent gifShe will not critique film or theatre scripts, fantasy, horror, romance, poetry or contemporary fiction.

transparent gifFeedback includes comments on:
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Before sending your work, email Faye to query her availability. Include:
transparent gif• genre
transparent gif• summary of content (paragraph for short works, 1 page for books)
transparent gif• approximate number of words/pages


Fees (Canadian funds, please add GST)
transparent gifPrepayment (by cheque, money order or paypal) is required
transparent gifUnder 2500 words (10 pages) – $ 75 plus GST
transparent gif2501-5000 words – $150 plus GST
transparent gifMore than 5000 words - $150 (1st 20 pages) plus $2 each additional page. 
transparent gifEmail five sample pages from manuscript when querying longer works and indicate use of footnotes transparent gifand bibliography. transparent gifComplex or challenging project may be assessed at a higher rate
transparent gifAverage turn around time - 6-8 weeks from date received but also depends on manuscript length
transparent gifIf she is available and agrees, she will email additional questions, directions and timeline

Format (Fees are based on your use of requested format):

  1. Use Word or Wordperfect manuscript, no pdfs
  2. If you prefer to mail a manuscript, contact Faye at
  3. Include a cover page with a working title, number of words, your name, address, email and phone number
  4. Double space entire document. Do not single space and double space between paragraphs
  5. Use Courier or Times (CG, New, Roman) 12 pt, nothing smaller
  6. Margins one inch on all sides. Do not justify the right margin. Place title and page numbers in header
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