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Homemade Fun

ISBN 1-894004-35-3
$6.95 plus S&H
pb. 48 pages
Fifth House Publishers, Calgary, 1999



Homemade Fun: Games and Pastimes of the Early Prairies

transparent gifLong before there were Barbies or batteries, children on the Canadian prairies conjured up imaginative ways to pass the time. Kick the Can, Fox and Geese, Hide and Seek, building snow forts, horseback riding, and picnics were only a few of the ways children found to amuse themselves.
transparent gif><i>Homemade Fun</i> brings to life the magic and inventiveness of play in the childhoods of yester-year and looks at games and pastimes on the prairies prior to the 1960s. Delightful archival photographs will bring a smile of recognition to anyone who has ever been fortunate enough to invent their very own "homemade" fun.<br>

	<img src=...need to adapt to local circumstances, resources and imagination, is reflected...illustrates examples of organized and unorganized play.
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