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ISBN 1-894004-25-6
$6.95 plus S&H
pb. 48 pages
Fifth House Publishers
Calgary, 1999





Threshing: The Early Years of Harvesting

transparent gifThreshing tells of the people, processes and machines of the annual harvest in western Canadian history. Through archival photographs, history and stories, it captures the sense of cooperation and pride experienced by early threshing teams as well as the long hours of back-breaking and dangerous work.
transparent gifPrior to the 1930s, the harvest season was a time when threshing crews travelled from farm to farm, communities pulled together to bring in the golden crops, and women worked from dawn to dusk making enough food to satisfy a troop of hungry men.

transparent gifThe introduction of the combine harvester changed the face of farming forever, but the spirit of community fostered by the early threshing process and crews lingers on today.


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