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War & Remembrance (Presentation Gr. 9-12):
War is a theme throughout our literature & history. But researching, writing & talking about war can be disturbing-especially in our multicultural nation. How men & women have served their country includes military service but other roles, too. Some have become heroes; others served on the home front. And still others have endured prejudice, even in Canada. Faye's comments & photos explore the theme.

Blue Pencil (Workshops & Individualized Meetings Grades 7–12): Whether organizers prefer blue pencil workshops with groups under 10, meetings with individual students or both, Faye will offer her feedback and help on student writing projects in any genre except drama and film scripts. The intent is always to help students discover how they may use language more effectively whether in stories, poetry, essays, blogs or presentations.

Discovering Stories and Characters in Photos (Writing Workshop Grades 7-12): Our world is filled with fascinating images—in photo albums, books, magazines and on the Internet. Old and new photos reveal captivating people and fascinating events, but with today’s photo manipulations, some images are more fantasy than reality. In this workshop, students will discover how to use photos as a source for writing ideas, characters and stories, and then they will draft their own stories. Afterwards, they may want to share them with the group.

Jumble of Genres & Styles (Presentation Grades 10-12): The same heroic or tragic story may inspire fiction, nonfiction or poetry. The choice of genre governs what writers may include in their work as well as their writing style. Students explore such choices and compare original draft material to edited/printed version of the excerpt. Discussion is based on the author's nonfiction books, short stories, journal entries and poetry.

Jumble of Genres & Styles (Writing Workshop Grades 10-12): One of the best ways to understand the effect choice of genre has on content and style is to experiment with writing the same content in different genres and in the styles consistent with the chosen genre. Students enjoy the opportunity to experiment and then share their work with classmates. Download pdf version of sample.

Not Just a Journal (Presentation Grades 7-12): Great characters, places, memories and thoughts lurk in everyone's life. Many writers explore ideas through journals and diaries. Hear journal entries from Faye's own writing and from Canada's past. Students learn the importance of journals as a genre, a place for self-exploration, a tool in developing as a writer and a source of our history. Download pdf version of sample.

Not Just a Journal (Writing Workshop Grades 7-12): With Facebook and social networking, journals and journalism have entered into a whole new era. Since new media has revolutionized communication, this workshop will focus on students sharing their ideas as well as blogging about issues. Whether their work takes the shape of traditional personal essays or blogs about issues, the best writers will learn to see with the eyes of artists or address the world with the analytical approach of the “old fashioned journalist.” As well, discussion will focus on what to disclose or not disclose if the work is to be posted.

Stereotypes? Yes, No, Maybe (Presentation Grades 7-12): Stereotypes of men, women, young and old are as prevalent in today’s writing and society as they were a century ago. How can we recognize them in what we read and avoid them when we write? But...but...must we always avoid them in writing? When does political correctness become an issue for writers? Hear excerpts from the author’s own work where the writing meant facing such problems. Based on Prairie Twins, Sharing the Good Times, and Out of the Flames.

Stories of Our Own Heroes & Heroines (Presentation Grades 7-12): Heroes and heroines are created in challenging situations. Often, students are surprised by the tragic and fascinating events in western Canada’s past. Unearthing such stories means research, even reading pictures. Students learn how 24 hours can change everything, leaving heroes, victims and villains.

Visual Literacy, Writing and Researching in the Age of the Internet (Presentation Grades 7-12): Reading, writing and research have been transformed by the Internet. Today’s students benefit from developing excellent visual literacy skills, but the web has also had a dramatic effect on styles of writing, research possibilities and quality of sources. Faye’s interdisciplinary approach makes this presentation suitable for both English and Social Studies classes.

Whose Story Is It? (Writing Workshop Grades 7-12): In crafting true and fictional stories, the most important decision you make is who tells the tale. That means choosing a “point of view.” Discover how changing that narrator and viewpoint lead to entirely different stories—perhaps an even better ones! With tips and examples from her own writing, Faye will demonstrate the power of point of view as a writing tool. Then, students have the opportunity to begin drafting a story. What is left? Why sharing the story!

Writer's Process - A Writer's Life (Presentation Grades 7-12): What's it like being a writer? How do you know whether you should write poetry, short stories, novels, magazine articles or non-fiction books? Where do you find ideas? How do you get started? What do you do when you get stuck and can't finish a story? What's it like having your work edited and published? Listen, view, talk and learn.

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