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Stampede Horses
Stampede Horses



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New Characters in Junior Senior High









Faye & Policeman Seattle
Faye & Policeman in Seattle





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New Characters in Junior Senior High


Western Men, Women and The Famous Five (Presentation Gr. 7 up)
Women’s roles and rights were changed by Canada's Famous Five women. That meant changes for men, too. From gaining the vote to serving in government, these and other women helped create a new Canada and a new West. Two of the Famous Five, Emily Murphy and Nellie McClung, were writers in their own right. Along with Henrietta Muir Edwards, Louise McKinney and Irene Parlby, they inspired their contemporaries and will inspire today’s young people with their work in writing, art, social welfare and government. Having researched & written about all five and many other western Canadian women, Faye shares their stories and how they impacted our lives.

Blue Pencil (Workshop/Individual Gr. 7-12)

Whether organizers prefer blue pencil workshops with groups under 10, meetings with individual students or both, Faye offers her feedback & help on student projects in any genre except drama and film scripts. The intent is to help students discover how they might use language more effectively in stories, poetry, essays, or presentations.

Whose Story Is It? (Writing Workshop Gr. 7-12)

In crafting true and fictional stories, the most important decision you make is who tells the tale. Discover how changing the narrator and “point of view” leads to entirely different stories—perhaps an even better ones! With tips and examples from her own writing, Faye will demonstrate the power of point of view as a writing tool. Then, students have the opportunity to begin drafting a story. What is left? Why sharing the story!

War & Remembrance (Presentation Gr. 7-12)

War is a theme throughout our literature & history. But researching, writing & talking about war can be disturbing-especially in our multicultural nation. How men & women have served their country includes military service but other roles, too. Some have become heroes; others served on the home front & still others have endured prejudice, even in Canada. Faye's comments & photos explore the theme.

Stories of Our Own Heroes & Heroines (Presentation Gr. 7-12)
Heroes and heroines are created in challenging situations. Often, students are surprised by the amazing and sometimes tragic men and women in western Canada’s past. Unearthing such true stories means research, even reading pictures. Students learn what it takes to make a hero and the difference between risky behaviour and heroism.

Stereotypes? Yes, No, Maybe (Presentation Gr. 7-12)
Stereotypes of men, women, young and old are as prevalent in today's writing and society as they were a century ago. How can we recognize them in what we read and avoid them when we write? Must we always avoid them in writing? Is there a difference between an archetype and a stereotype? When does political correctness become an issue for writers? Hear excerpts from the author's own work where the writing meant facing such issues.

Let’s Talk: Interviews Made Almost Easy (Presentation & Activity Gr. 7-12)
Interviewing people to get the stories you want or information you need requires a methodical approach, and informed mind & a creative, listening spirit. Faye’s “talking points” include practical techniques, and of course, practice makes perfect. So, expect that the interactions will be interesting and perhaps, even surprising.

NEW: CHASING REALITY--FACTS, FAKE NEWS & MANIPULATION (Workshop Gr. 7-12; English or Social Studies)
For newspapers, books, magazines, film, television, blogs, twitter, Facebook and other media, everyone needs to determine what is real from what is intended to manipulate responses. Increasingly, students are faced with the challenge, but there are tips, tricks and real techniques for differentiating what is accurate, real and trustworthy from manipulation.

Fact, Fiction & Heart (Presentation & Workshop Gr. 10-12)
The same heroic or tragic story may inspire fiction, nonfiction or poetry. Also, it can be treated using different tones—some humorous, some serious. Writers and filmmakers even adapt true stories as documentaries, creative nonfiction or movies. And such adaptions appeal to different audiences. Student readers and writers are encouraged to explore options. Content is based on the author's work, but then the fun of writing and the creativity of students take centre stage.

NEW: CAPTIVATING CHARACTERS Writing Workshop (Grades 7-12)
Characters? Characters! Our real and imagined worlds are filled with fascinating people. We meet them, read about them, see them on TV and in movies. Plus we can create them for our stories. Writers, readers and viewers are drawn to characters, but what makes them live in our memories and imaginations? In this workshop, students discover and create wonderful characters. Then, there is time to convey and share those amazing personalities with others. Expect talk, writing and sharing characters–real or imagined.

Not Just a Journal (Presentation Gr. 7-12)
With Facebook and social networking, journals and journalism have entered into a new era. Since the media has revolutionized communication, this workshop focuses on ways of sharing ideas. Whether work takes the shape of traditional personal essays, blogs or Facebook entries, the best writers learn to see with the eyes of artists or they address the world with the analytical approach of the “old fashioned journalist.” Also, discussion focus on what to disclose or not disclose.

Writer's Process - A Writer's Life (Presentation Gr. 7-12)
What's it like being a writer? How do you know whether you should write poetry, short stories, novels, articles or non-fiction books? Where do you find ideas? How do you get started? What do you do when you are stuck and can't finish a story? What's it like having your work edited and published? Listen, view, talk & learn.

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