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News Events and Workshops  (Updated periodically. )

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Website Update

Thanks to webmaster Jim Graham at, Faye has newly revised event listings. Below are listings for community and sales events and workshops. Faye looks forward to meeting you at one of them! 

Book Sales and Signings/Presentations

Watch for future events since they might require pre-registration

Saturday, July 14th Millarville Farmers’ Market 9am – 2pm. Come and see Faye’s heritage books in the Quonset!

Saturday, July 21st, Millarville Farmers’ Market 9am – 2pm. Be sure and stop by before attending the rodeo. The Heritage Rodeo will be taking place at 2:30pm, which means there will be lots to see and do. For more information, please see
Saturday, August 25th, Millarville Farmers’ Market 9am – 2pm. Buy local! With August, there are lots of fresh fruit and vegetables at the market, but it’s also a time to pick up your books or cards for yourself, friends and family.

Saturday, September 1st, Millarville Farmers’ Market 9am – 2pm. Come and see all the vendors and interesting food, entertainment and products for sale! Of course, there will be books and cards in the Quonset.

Saturday, September 8th, Faye will be at the Millarville Farmers’ Market. 9am – 2pm. Stop by and say hello. Rain or shine, the market goes on. The Quonset will always be dry. Faye will be there selling books and cards.


Special Events

When Words Collide  - When Words Collide is an outstanding festival for writers, readers and writing-related instructors. It is in Calgary from August 10 – 12, 2018. Events will be at the Delta Calgary South, 135 Southland Drive SE. Although tickets are sold out, there is a waiting list. For more information and to check out events and presenters, please go to    Faye will be part of the program for the following 3 sessions:

Conducting School Visits in Alberta - Saturday at 10 AM in the Canmore Room

Presenters: Suzy Vadori, Adam Dreece, Shirlee Smith Matheson and Faye Reineberg Holt
The panel will talk about the rewarding activities of meeting young readers in schools and at other events. But, how do authors get into the school system, and what can they expect when visiting schools and working with students and teachers?

Yes, Alberta, You Have History - Saturday at 11 AM in the Bonavista Room 

Presenters: Madelaine Shaw-Wong, Shirlee Smith Matheson, Jim Jackson and Faye Reineberg Holt 
The presenters will discuss authors and other sources to help you discover the past of our province and region. What makes Alberta’s history fascinating? Is it fascinating? What does everyone know or think they know about Alberta? What can we still learn about Alberta and its people?

Historical Research - Saturday at 2 PM in the Fireside Room

Erin Lindsey, Faye Reineberg Holt, Bret Cousins, Therese Greenwood
So, you love historical writing! Where do you go to obtain the information necessary for historical writing, fiction or non-fiction? How do you gain access to the wealth of material available? How much research is needed before starting a book? How do you avoid information dumps in stories? Where can you take liberties? When is it time to stop research and write?


Anyone who has blogged knows that it is hard to get other writing/work done if you are working on a blog every week. However, despite whatever changes develop in the future, I am reactivating my blog. If you enjoy rodeo and/or fair season, and if you want special gifts for you volunteers or others who help make these great events happen, check out the link You will discover my option for saying thanks.


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